Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A new year, a new country to eat in

Happy new year. I wish a joyful 2014 to all
It has been some time without writing,
I thought I would be able to catch up with the last Spanish posts sitting there as drafts and needing a heavy finishing touch. Since this never happened and I have been now in India for a while, I've decided to share a little of what goes on and I eat around here.
Lovely food.
The next pictures show a Kerala dish called MILS. Kerala is a Yoga and Ayurvedic state in the south of India. MILS comes with rice in the middle under the crispy round "bread" and many little bowls with indian goodies to add to it. So you then mix in the rice what you want and try separately or just mix all together. This little restaurant in Varkala, called Passion fruit, makes the best MILS and serves it on the stainless steel plate you see in the picture although its most commonly served on a banana leaf like shown in the last three pictures at the SriRamada Ashram in Tiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu state. Enjoy!


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  2. Mi sembra una buona idea quella di riprendere a scrivere sul tuo blog ....

  3. Non capisco perché ad un certo punto mi ha volevo aggiungere che il fatto di aver ripristinato questa consuetudine di scrivere sul blog e' utile perché mi dal la possibilità di seguirti in questo tuo viaggio in giro per il mondo.....

  4. Hi Jenny,

    My name is Frances, a Parisian patissiere. We met in Ahmedabad on that lovely walk. I am back home now and looking forward to following your travels!

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