Sunday, June 16, 2013

O Comercial Restaurant in Porto

O Comercial Restaurant in Porto, a great restaurant in a spectacular building

The 19th century Treasury Palace or Palácio da Bolsa is one of the "musts" in Porto, in fact the most visited building in town although only with guided visits on certain hours/languages, pictures aren't allowed but you don't even get a brochure, therefore you would have to buy a book on it after having spent 7 euro for the guided tour (!) At any rate it's surely necessary to see it, specially the arab room at the end, great surprise therefore I wont mention the beauty and splendor of this room.... or did I just?

Inside Palácio da Bolsa is the restaurant O Comercial belonging to the young fellow you see in the last picture. His wife Samantha Reis is the Executive chef (sorry I never got back to take her picture but there is a nice one in their website). The location and the setting are just beautiful and they serve Portuguese cuisine gourmet food which is just excellent. Another tip is their interesting 3 course "Executive" lunch menu all inclusive of bread, water, wine and coffee for the reasonable price of 15 euro.

In this same building, larger and smaller events are organized. In fact there was a very large Porto-wine event in which the company that organized it behaved in an utmost nasty way. Please note that the restaurant had nothing to do with this since they are in no way related to Essencia do Vinho.

Here follow some pictures for you to enjoy the restaurant and the meal at O Comercial!

Palácio da Bolsa

inside the Palácio da Bolsa

the light roof inside Palácio da Bolsa

window view from inside the restaurant and outside of it, to the left, the church of San Francisco

inside view of O Comercial restaurant

goat cheese millefeuille with pumpkin
enlargement of goat cheese millefeuille with pumpkin 
bacalao (cod fish) with potatoes and warm mayonnaise sauce
Papos de Anjo, a sort of Portuguese Baba', here with orange, lemon and berries
André Oliveira Teixeira

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