Friday, June 7, 2013

Garbage recycling stations in Portugal

Garbage recycling stations in Portugal... what a joy! Yes, a joy not only meaning pleasure but also as jewelry since these stations are little jewels that can help us believe that we all can survive in a better way....

Enthusiasm is the word that should accompany recycling, why isn' it so in certain places?

Here is an example of somewhere, in Portugal, where this takes place, enthusiastically!

I show pictures of one of the recylcling stations in the town of Ericeira, but it's like this allover the country.

Can Naples in Italy please take note of this? Can they maybe try to understand why here it works and there it doesn't?
But not only Naples, can people living in apartment condominiums in an "evolved" city like Milano maybe change their attitude towards garbage and the way to put it away?

Don't be upset, just enjoy, and think...please!

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