Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beach restaurants in beautiful locations, really on the sea side

Beach restaurants in beautiful locations, really on the sea side, in Algarve's eastern part almost on the Spanish border

There are three restaurants in three different beach towns that are close to each other. All three with great buildings built for the purpose of being restaurants, located right on the beaches and with excellent food, very little or nothing written about them, wonderful surprises.

- Cha com Agua Salgada, Manta Rota, Vila Nova de Cacela
- Pezinhos d'Areia, Praia Verde, Castro Marim
- Restaurante Marisqueria O Costa, Sitio da Fabrica, Vila Nova de Cacela, here food isn't as sophisticated but good fish and a spectacular view

Here follow some pictures for you to enjoy!

Cha com Agua Salgada Restaurant

the view from Cha com Agua Salgada 

this curious copper appliance is called Cataplana, used to cook meat or fish in the oven together with veggies
the Cataplana, it comes in many different sizes
Pezinhos n'Areia Restaurant

Restaurante O Costa

Tuna with onions

la Ria Formosa
more of the Ria Formosa...


  1. Carissima,

    che meraviglia......che posti fantastici!! Questi ristoranti sono davvero una piacevole scoperta in una zona come l'Argarve che ricordavo edificata in maniera assurda.
    Buon proseguimento e al prossimo post!!
    Baci Ornella

    1. thank you for your post dear Ornella!
      you are right about Algarve and the horrible construction in some areas, but the Ria Formosa is a natural park and protected area and therefore has escaped human destruction.
      I must admit that Algarve is the part of Portugal that least impressed me probably beacuse tourism has damaged the Portuguese atmosphere, but since these restaurants are special for the food and the locations it was a must to write about them. They kind of save the area.

      Here are some other little tips about nice little towns along Algarve:
      - Vila Nova de Cacelas, almost in Spain, beautiful tiny town with nearby 2 of the restaurants mentioned in my post
      - Moncarapacho, and eat at the Orangerie restaurant at the Vila Monte Hotel
      - Carvoeiro, nice little town that ends at the beach and starts all over again, it's like a "V" town
      - Ferragudo, interesting not touristic town, seaside with little restaurants, and go to see the impressive Studio Bongard where Sylvain Bongard and Tara Esaguy Cohen make beautiful ceramics and some paintings
      - Although Sagres, as a town an its people, is not worth a visit, the Cabo de San Vicente is a beautiful place to stop by for an hour or so, and also, just before arriving to Sagres, coming from the east, the Martinhal Beach Resort and Hotel (5 stars hotel) is a special place to stay at or at least to eat at their restaurant. Displayed in the lobby and reception of the hotel there are many of the ceramics of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, they also sell them at the resort's store
      - Odeceixe, first the very nice town and then after 5 km, the beach, just great!

      I hope you Enjoy!


    2. Hi dear,

      thanks for all the suggestions you mentioned in your post. I'll take them into account if sometimes I'll go there.
      Kisses & hugs Ornella