Friday, March 29, 2013

Leather Museum Portovello Restaurant in Allariz, Galicia

Allariz is a beautiful town  in Galicia, probably the best kept of all their towns, a little jewel in the middle of wonderful nature, between one thermal town and the other. The area starting from the city of Ourense going down through the north of Portugal is full with thermal water springs .... and places to enjoy them, not only spa hotels (there will be a post on this coming up soon).

On the side the river in Allariz there is an old building, very well kept, the Museum of leather. Years ago this town used to be a leather working town.
Next to the Museum there is Portovello, a bar downstairs and a restaurant in the upper floor, run by Angelo, with excellent food and very affordable price.  The full menu for lunch, all inclusive of wine or beer and coffee, is 15,80 euro.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

the building of the museum and restaurant
Portovello restaurant

inside entrance of the restaurant
the upstairs dinning room of the restaurant

vegetable pie with leek sauce
goat roasted with potatoes

cheese Flan with chestnuts

"1906", a great Spanish beer
the dinning terrace outside, and what a view of the river!
the view from the restaurant

the view from the restaurant
little pedestrian bridge just outside of the restaurant
the river

the nature in the area is all like this
downstairs view of  the outside part of the museum and the bar/coffee place
the museum
inside entrance of the museum

pieces of leather hanging in the museum

view of the museum where they used to cure the leather

Angelo, the manager

Monday, March 4, 2013

Culler de Pau Restaurant in Reboredo, O Grove, Galicia

Culler de Pau

Only 4 months ago this restaurant got its first Michelin star

Culler de Pau is located in a small town called Reboredo in the O Grove peninsula in Galicia

The building is beautiful as well as the inside of the restaurant, not to mention the view

The food is excellent and the service as well

I felt new energy, new flavors, something different from all my previous star collection of restaurants (see post January 29), people that know what they are doing, that are proud and correct, still humble

Here is what I ate, you can read and see and tell for yourself, even better if you come and taste it personally!

the name
the building

the view
the view, in and out
the simple version of their 2 tasting menus

amuse bouche in black stone that comes with a litte "culler de pau" (wooden spoon) to eat it. 
The serving consists of cuttlefish crispy rice with anchovies and shellfish foam, smoked sardines and dried tomatoes, and dehydrated olives. Fantastic!

amuse bouche of a ham made of pork nuggets ("lacón")
cuttlefish fished by hand one by one presented as noodles with cream of  tender garlic, the slice on top seems lard but is instead jowls. Delicious and perfect in its consistency

San Simon cheese carbonara "house"eggs and bread crumbs

San Simon cheese carbonara "house"eggs and bread crumbs once I broke the egg

San Simon cheese carbonara "house"eggs and bread crumbs already on my spoon. So good!

cod with vegetables broth, cauliflower and mushrooms

Celtic pork tenderloin flavored with its juice and vegetables

rolled variety of cabbages that came together with the Celtic pork tenderloin

citrus parfait with wild clover soup and tonic

"Cebreiro" with berries and white chocolate soup ("Cebreiro" is a Galician town that is the home of the "O Cebreiro" cheese that looks like a chef's hat)

the kitchen and its cooks

Javier Olleros, the chef, talking to his clients

the chef with his son Anton, the real "boss"