Friday, February 1, 2013

The Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastián

The Basque Culinary Center: a Culinary University that still has a long way to go...

Fantastic looking building, opened October 2011, and built for the purpose of being the Basque Culinary Center University, but with a lot of nonsenses. I want to think it's just because it's very new and hope it will still straighten its path.

In December 2012 I took a 2 day course called Domestic Poultry and Game and was badly astonished. 
The first day the instructor had an expert, Higinio Gomez who has a specialized store in Madrid, explain the animals, how to recognize them, breeding, dismemberment and all that needs to be done before cooking them. Iginio did a great job while the main instructor was cooking frenetically without explaining a thing of what he was doing. It was quite unbelievable.
The second day the instructor was Patxi Eceiza, the chef of 1 Michelin star restaurant Zaldiaran located in the city of Vitoria. I didn’t know he was to give that class and by chance had eaten at his restaurant 4 days before (good comments on this restaurant will appear in a post on Michelin stars in the Basque Country that I will publish next week). 
Patxi's teaching was excellent although the chaos from the day before was difficult to overcome and the technological defficits that I explain hereunder didn't make things easy not only for me as a pupil but I suppose also for him as a teacher, as well as for Iginio the day before.
Here follow some comments, the last two are on the building itself therefore not related to the organization of this specific course:

  •    If you give a cooking lesson without hands on work you need to, at least, allow the students to have a proper vision of what's being taught. This wasn't possible since the classrooms aren’t properly equiped, for example they don’t have a mirror on the top of the kitchen counter to enable proper teaching, therefore students can't view what’s being done. We depended on a monitor that was supposed to show what a camera-man was trying to film but with only one videocamera installed on a tripod in just one side of the room. This situation didn't allow to view what was being done or cooked inside the bowls and pans. 
  •   The instructor would put things in front of what he he was doing (e.s. a bottle of oil or of milk) making even more difficult to watch and also film the entire process.
  •   The classroom oven was out of order, even the second day, therefore whatever was to be cooked in the oven had to be cooked in a different way.
  •   While Iginio explained the animals, the instructor of the first day was rushing without explaining his cooking. He didn’t even give out the food result of his cooking for us to taste, only very few things without making portions but passing a plate for everyone to share from it! We received some papers with the recipes written in them but I didn't register to get a piece of paper to read, that should be considered as support material.
  •   While we had to have lunch at the lousy quality cafeteria of the Bcc, I never found out where went all the good food that the instructor cooked while Iginio was explainig the animals. 
  •   That first day we had a 2 hour break for lunch while 1 hour would have been more than enough taking into account the very large program to be taught which wasn't completely covered.
  •   The cafeteria is bad, not even the coffee is drinkable. It seems handled by the same students, obviously without proper guidance.
  •   The cafeteria doesn’t connect to the rest of the building, you need to cross from the outside, which doesn’t make sense, specially during winter time.

Iginio Gómez from Empresa Hermanos Gómez Ortíz in Madrid

Patxi Eceiza from Zaldiaran Restaurant in Vitoria

part of the beautiful Bcc building

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