Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mercado do Abastos, Santiago de Compostela's marketplace

Beautiful marketplace, the second most visited place in Santiago de Compostela, obviously the first place is the Cathedral

This market has two outstanding culinary situations:

-       The most original place is a tiny bar inside the marketplace where you can have a coffee of a glass of wine with a tapa, but you can also buy your own food at the market stands and they will cook it for you. This is how it works: you need to buy al least 500 g of the same prodcut and keep the invoice. Then, for 10% of the price you paid and and extra 3,50 euro per person, plus bread, wine, coffee and whatever else you might order, they will cook it and serve it for you at one of their 6 tables. I was alone so what do you think I bought? 1 kg (shells included in the weight) of zamburriñas which are small scallops. Look at the picture, they were delicious!

the marketplace buildings

inside general view of the market place

octopus boiled on the spot and served as a tapa in the middle of the market

free range chickens stand

meat stand

a fruit stand

another fruit stand


they even have a fancy patisserie stand

the zamburiñas (miniscallops) I ate

-       the other interesting place is the 2.0 (pronounced "Dos Punto Zero") restaurant and bar just outside the market but still a part of it. Great idea (local food, local wines, creative) quite good tapas but could be much better and still has a long way to go in public relations. In Madrid they just won a national price about a month ago, not the first one they receive in only 4 years of existence. Too bad they aren't humble, usually something that is or is not in your way of being, hard to achieve, should be an inner attitude towards life and the public. I have anyway posted a few of the pictures since the empanada serving was excellent, other things were bad like a piece of brownie that was too cold, as well as some of the servings like the razor clam. Other servings were trivial like salmon sashimi with wasabi or the mussels in the can copied literally from Moreno Cedroni in Senigallia, Italy.
2.0 (Dos Punto Zero) mini-restaurant

Dos Punto Zero tiny kitchen

empanada of horse mackerel, fried on the spot

a close up of the empanada of horse mackerel

razor clam, it was too cold

 mussels in a can as if they were canned, this idea was created several years ago by chef Moreno Cedroni in Senigallia, Italy


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