Monday, January 28, 2013

Zeruko, a "NO" place for pintxos in San Sebastián

Zeruko is located in the Casco Viejo in San Sebastián, just across the street from Nestor, the place of the tortilla (see post January 7 hereunder)

When I went for the first time I thought it was great, had a couple of pintxos and a pintxo dessert. Giving them a second  chance with a full course meal of pintxos, it ended up being a delusion.
I asked to change the dessert (Bob limón) since I had it the previous time but I was informed it's their only dessert (!)
They served me one pintxo that was old and when commenting on it the waiter didn't want to admit it.
The fixed price for the "cena de degustación" which included a glass of wine, and a series of pintxos of their choice, was too high for the market place but even more: when summing up the individual prices of the dishes I ate, the total would have been less than eating them together as I did with the difference that I would have chosen what to order. Any explanation? 
And then, the owner was very concerned about my picture taking, in case I was going to publish their creative pintxos as if they were mine! So she said before I left. Afraid of your own shadow?

It would be better to be humble, otherwise the risk is to ruin your future with your own hands. Tarantino just said during an interview related to the launch of his last film (Django) "I never stop learning. I consider myself an apprentice, not a master or a teacher, and it's clear to me that the day I'll graduate will be the day I die".

I am posting the pictures of what I ate with my comments because I believe it's a valid place but needs to be re-created in many ways. 

In any case, their dishes are somewhat "pasticciati" meaning they are messy, have too many components and aren't always fresh.

Too bad it's not good enough to enjoy...

Crunchy golden Idiazabal cheese, Pedro.Ximénez gelatin, foie mousse, mushrooms on a toast with cheese
It was too sweet and the toast on the bottom wasn't neither fresh nor crunchy but out of place and the cheese on it was hard.

Morcilla and Foie covered with grinded pistachios
It was good

Smoked bacalao with alioli sauce and parsley spherification on a piece of toast and liquid salad
The spherification of parsley wasn't fresh, the alioli sauce was too sweet. The liquid salad was good and the bacalao was ok.

Lobster's rose on dehidrated strawberry and puff pastry "leaf" with smoke of rose scent on dry ice
It was acceptable .... always too messy

Squid with sponge made with its own ink and wasabi
The squid was too salty
Pig's trotters
They were ok, no big deal
 Solomillo (sirloin) and foie
The meat was very good and cooked exactly as it should while the foie was fibrous and lost a lot of liquid
Bob limón
Lemon mousse with passion fruit spherification, lemon sponge, dehydrated raspberry roll and Tzetchuan flower
It was good although always too messy

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