Sunday, December 2, 2012


On Thursdays in some of the Pintxo places, there is something called Pintxo-Pote.
It started years ago in the city of Vitoria, and consists of a special offer by which with 2 euro you get a pintxo and a glass of wine, beer or sidra.
Of course the places are crowded not only inside but also outside, even standing in the middle of the street, even if it's raining: everyone is there having their Pintxo-Pote evening!
For example in the neighborhood of Gros in San Sebastian I found many places offering Pintxo-Pote: Gora Bera, Bsiete, Mendi, Dardara, Portobello and many others.
Not knowing exactly how it works in areas like the Casco Viejo of San Sebastian and not finding a route with the list of places offering this bargain, the best thing is to just go out on Thursday night and wherever you see a very crowded Pintxo place, you can be sure it's offering Pintxo-Pote.
The quality is the same only the price changes!
Then, have ready in your pocket a 2 euro coin and just... enjoy!

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