Monday, December 10, 2012

Andra Mari, a place for good... Tapas or Pintxos?

Andra Mari, San Sebastián, in Calle Zabaleta 42 in the neighborhood of Gros
Andra Mari reopened less than 2 weeks ago with new staff and new kitchen leaded by 2 chefs full of will and expertise who have joined the ownership: Angel Palacios and Luis Arrufat.
They have a new philosophy wanting to introduce Tapas in a world of Pintxos, why not? Maybe they can clarify the difference to all of us! In fact, they try to do so by writing interesting information on the subject in one big menu page.
Since people usually are not alone when going on these food adventures, here at Andra Mari the servings are larger than Pintxos which makes it easier to share an order. I'm quite sure the kitchen would take care of the situation in case you are on your own.
Here follow some pictures of great food...Tapas or Pintxos?:

patatas bravas, with the right touch of "picante"

papada (jowl in English) curada la mascarada

molleja (sweetbread in English) de ternera a baja temperatura

lengua (tongue) con setas (hongos, mushrooms in English), did you ever notice that both have the same sort of consistency, meaning "texture"?

cheesecake with local cheese and combined with crumble and apple sauce, therefore you don't loose the cheese flavor which usually occurs when combining it with berries

bizcocho de yogur y albaricoque

ninyo-yaki de chocolate y naranja, which is a sort of japanese modified dessert, similar to a bignè (cream puff in English)

the chefs

Sunday, December 2, 2012


On Thursdays in some of the Pintxo places, there is something called Pintxo-Pote.
It started years ago in the city of Vitoria, and consists of a special offer by which with 2 euro you get a pintxo and a glass of wine, beer or sidra.
Of course the places are crowded not only inside but also outside, even standing in the middle of the street, even if it's raining: everyone is there having their Pintxo-Pote evening!
For example in the neighborhood of Gros in San Sebastian I found many places offering Pintxo-Pote: Gora Bera, Bsiete, Mendi, Dardara, Portobello and many others.
Not knowing exactly how it works in areas like the Casco Viejo of San Sebastian and not finding a route with the list of places offering this bargain, the best thing is to just go out on Thursday night and wherever you see a very crowded Pintxo place, you can be sure it's offering Pintxo-Pote.
The quality is the same only the price changes!
Then, have ready in your pocket a 2 euro coin and just... enjoy!